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Granny Sue Holestein

Jackson County

Granny Sue is a traditional tale teller that enjoys keeping the traditions of ballads and Jack tales alive while mixing in personal family stories and life lessons.


Bil Lepp

South Charleston
Kanawha County

Professional storyteller and 5 time 'Biggest Liar', Bil Lepp is one of West Virginia's most renown tellers. And now his kids are storytellers too.


Adam Booth

Jefferson County

Adam Booth is West Virginia's 2011 Biggest Liar. Approaching story-crafting like musical composition, he combines time tested universal truths with personal experiences to create vivid mental imagery for his audiences.


Jimmy Costa

Summers County

Jim Costa connects story and song in a variety of old time fiddle and banjo tunes.


The West Virginia Liars Competition

Kanawha County

Every Memorial day weekend at our state capitol, the Vandalia Gathering celebrates the music, art, heritage, and culture of the state of West Virginia. It is host to the West Virginia Liars Contest...