This project is made possible by the generosity of many.
Thank you friends old and new that allowed me to share their hospitality and sometimes sleep on their couches.

Jeff Kusterbeck, who repeatedly drove too far out of his way to carry my equipment.

Stephanie "Stevie" Driscoll, who donated her time and talents to design the logo.

Adam Booth, without whom this project would have been severely lacking in storytellers and humor.

Friends, faculty, and fellow graduate students at Emerson College who supported and encouraged me in this journey.

Thank you to our Kickstarter backers:

Greg Winger
Benjamin Carton
Jeremy Latour
William Klingelsmith
Jeffrey Kusterbeck
Amy Bertsch
Sandra Sneesby
Danielle Zuckerman
Ericka Nelson
Daniel Roman
Nicole Prowell Hart
Jennifer Rogers
Matthew Hashiguchi
Kevin & Judy Griffith
Ian Judge
Nathaniel Hansen
Sarah A. Ditkoff
Steve & Joyce Rogers
Mike Devine
Monica Larson
Stephanie Rinehart
Tominda Adkins
Liz Partlow
David Levine
Lanakila Alexander
Nancey Veldran
Eric Angevine
Liza Zizzi Bain
Tyler Oyler
Tom Smith
Matt Hassan
Rachel Rynderman
David Haas
Joseph Pickenpaugh
Cory Rieck
Ida Stewart
Greg Lam
Heather West
Karen Botkins
Nicola Fairhead
Kathleen Benson
Dan Shissler
Emmalee Hoskinson
Nathan Boggs
Nicole F.
Chris Impicciche
Shaun Clarke
Tura Linderholm
Dave Humphreys
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Kevin Griffin Moreno
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Kristin Kaineg
Marc Fields & The Banjo Project
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