Just as the shape of the state is composed of many winding rivers, the soul of West Virginia is comprised of history and traditions of the people that call it home.

This project began with the personal goal of finding the current status of West Virginia by exploring its very core: the people who live here and the stories they share. I was welcomed by a community of individuals that have made it their responsibility to create, collect, and perpetuate stories of their lives, their families, and their surroundings: the storytellers of West Virginia. Ever patient and willing to loan me their talents, they were interested in seeing these tales reach new venues and--most importantly--new audiences.

Slow down a bit and enjoy these stories. I hope this site can act as a window into another world, and maybe even help you become closer to similar worlds that exist all around you.

Please come back to visit on occasion: new tellers and stories will be gradually added over time. Or, follow the project on Facebook for the news on the latest updates and more.