A continuation of the tale from Bil's introduction, the story goes on to tell the childhood adventures of Skeeter and Bil reenacting moments of great American literature, courtesy of the Halfdollar Public Library.

A tale of the inventor of the Tiki torch, told at the 2011 Liar's Competition as a exhibition piece while the judges decided on the winners.

Since Noah won the Youth Liar award in 2010, he was not allowed to compete this year in the contest. But at the Vandalia Showcase he told the crowd his winning story from the previous year.

This is a story that 8 year old Elle Lepp made up while visiting her grandma (she calls her 'Mimi') in Louisiana. It is about the king of the dinosaurs and is kind of adorable.

A tandem telling event at the Vandalia Showcase, see the Lepps perform together as a family. The Vandalia Showcase opens the festival with a night of specially selected acts.