Bonnie Collins was a participant and judge in the Liars Contest for many years. Advanced age has kept her from recent competitions, but her stories live on in the storytellers she mentored. Here, Adam shares one of his favorite Bonnie stories.

Adam comes from a large family of storytellers, one side tracing back 7 generations of this proud tradition. As a result, he has many wonderful (and true!) stories about the people in his family that came before him and what they accomplished. This tale is about his great great grandfather and his many occupations.

A tale Adam told at a previous Liars Contest, 'Moses of the Mountains' is a tale of a road trip that takes a turn for the strange (and the biblical).

Adam's 2011 'Biggest Liar' performance at the Liars Contest. In this story he wins over the crowd with a story about Easter at a church that meets in the strangest of places.

Elephant Story. Adam tells a story he is working on to a storytelling workshop about a kneeling church in Shepherdstown, WV and what they found when they dug up its foundations. An interesting tale involving the collective memory of a community.